H1B transfer with void paystub


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I am employed by a Texas based employer on H1B visa.

I am currently on a project and get paid on 15th of every month through direct deposit.

However my pay-stubs have "VOID" water-marks which makes them void and presumably non-usable with USCIS or any kind of loans or leases.


According to the law of the state of Texas - this is what i have learned after enough research on internet - The Texas Workforce Commission enforces some other pay laws, but not the requirement for a paystub. That's right -- if you call them up and say your boss doesn't give the required pay stub, they will tell you there's nothing they can do


So my question is -  Can i use the void pay-stubs for visa transfer with USCIS ? Does USCIS accept bank statement which shows regular salary being deposited into my account for visa transfer ?


I appreciate your expert advice.



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