Anyone going to Tijuana, MX for H-1 stamping on ~ 25th Feb 2014?


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The process is pretty much as previously mentioned by other people. Its straightforward and very quick. On both the days, I left the hotel and was back in less than 45 mins. No waiting at all, no hiccups. Just be confident and keep all your documents with you, incase they ask for it. I was asked to show nothing other than approved I-797.

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Thanks Dhruv for the response.


I have a quick q, I have my current visa stamped till aprl,2014 and new  I797 starts from may, 2014. I am going for stamping with my new approved I797 in March. Do I need to hand over both I797 to them? Will they be giving visa from the day of stamping to end of new I797?


Were u in the same situation?

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