Job location change in the same company and effect on GC application


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   I have a question regarding green card process and effect of location transfer on it.I am on a full time job with a big company.


 My green card application status is I140 approved in EB2  category. 


 I could be transferred to a different office in another city with the same job role and description in the same company.


   In that case, what would happen to my green card application. Does the labour and I140 need to be refiled again at the new location?



   could you pls let me know.






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The  Green Card is geographic specific.  If the new location is within the same metropolitan statistical area, then no new LC is required.  However, if the new work location is outside of the metropolitan statistical area then a new LC will likely be required, unless the employer plans to move you back to the original location when the Green Card is approved.

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