Spouse and Kid are in H4 group. Spouse is applying H4 to H1B, what happens to others in H4


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I thought i knew about it but things changed when i saw my H1 extension petition. 

Basically, below is my case


My H1B stamped visa and H4 for wife and kid expired Jan 2014. Extension petition was filed and approved in few days back and today i received the petition i129 and i539


When i looked at i539, it says applicant as my wife's name with one copy having beneficiary as my wife and one copy having beneficiary as my kid.


I thought for i539 i would be the applicant and my spouse/kid would be beneficiary. 


My spouse is trying her luck for H1B this year and if she gets through it, it will be COS H4 to H1B.

In that case, should i have to redo my kid's h4 or since i'm not changing employer, his current H4 is good ?


please let me know

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