Greencard for father

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Thanks for respone. What is consular process?

My mother is no more.My father has B2 visa and he is coming on june. Will it be any problem applying 485 without marriage certificate ?

I read somewhere both my birth certificate and parents marriage certificate is required to apply GC for mom/dad !

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Recently I got my citizenship through Naturalization , I want to bring my father to US and want to apply 485.

I have my birth certificate which includes my mother and father name but  do not have parents marriage certificate.

Will it be problem filing 485 without marriage certificate ?


Please advice.



i have the same question and would like to know how to go about without the marriage certificate of parents, who were married in 1966. My father is a widower too and i plan to sponsor him and then bring him to the US

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Basically nobody is answering his actual question of not being in possession of marriage certificate of his dad and not being able to procure one. I have the same question and would like to know, what is the alternative to having a marriage certificate.

You need to discuss this with a lawyer. This is nothing a forum can help you with.
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