Unable to upload photo in DS160 and sign and submit button is disable in DS 160-- very urgent


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I am unable to upload photo in ds 160, sign and submit button is disable in ds 160 form

I have visa appointment on 20th Feb


Please let me know any suggestions... 





Nothing to worry. They will take a photo of you when you go for biometrics at OFC. Also, to be on safer side carry a few passport photos with you.

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I am not sure how you got visa date as one of the required filled for taking appointment is to enter DS-160 confirmation code. If you cannot submit your DS-160 form then you cannot get to appointment.



Something as required field would be missing and that could be one of the reason not allowing you to submit form. 

Photo is been disabled. I filled form recently and it gave submit at OFC. I have heard they take a picture during biometric appointment.


hope this helps

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