L1B to L1A - do we have take depedent L2 for interview?


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Hello -


I am in L1 Blanket with PED July 2014 (completing 5 years in US by end of July 2014)

my wife in L2 visa with PED July 2014 (completing 3 years in US by end of July 2014)


when i apply for L1 Blanket to L1 A conversion and go to Canada for stamping .. do i have to apply for my spouse and take her for interview?






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When an alien was initially admitted to the United States in a specialized knowledge capacity and is later promoted to a managerial or executive position, he or she must have been employed in the managerial or executive position for at least six months to be eligible for the total period of stay of seven years. The change to managerial or executive capacity must have been approved by the Service in an amended, new, or extended petition at the time that the change occurred.

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