Perm Pending: L1 Eligibility?


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I've held an H1 status until Dec of last year. My company applied for my PERM on 5/2/2013 and my case was audited. I left the U.S and have been working out of the Mumbai office since Dec 2013. Currently my payroll is intact and I am continuing to get paid in the U.S. Although I work out of the Mumbai office, I don’t actually do any work for them. I will be eligible to renew my H1B on May 2nd this year for a period of 12 months while my PERM case is pending.


My question is whether or not I will be eligible to apply for an L1 visa after spending a year in India (Dec 2014) if I wish to pursue it? Given that I technically still do work for the U.S office from India and don’t actually get paid locally – I am wondering if this is something I can pursue.


Can an expert get back to me? Thanks in advance!

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