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Hi I am have been on H1B for last 6 years, and my I-140 is filed as well. For various reasons I am shifting to H4. While I was on H1B and working, I have multiple trading, investment accounts with Stocks,ETF's via E-Trade. They do send W2 form for filing tax returns every year.


- Since I am moving to H4 now, and not supposed to be working. How and what to do with this situation?

- I have seen that we can transfer the owner ship of the account, will transferring these assets to my spouse (H1B) a better option?

- Can I just add my working H1B, to the same account account and continue trading (I do not do day trading), probably 20 trades in a year.


Please suggest, what is correct and best in this situation. I am specially interested in how USCIS is going to see this W2 and tax fining for H4?  Can H4's file tax returns for passive investments (I do have stock from my company as well, which I did not sell yet)?

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