H1B Visa Experience at Vancouver Feb 14th 10 AM


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Hello Everybody,


I went to counter #4, following were the questions asked,


1) Is this your first H1b ?

2) Asked for LCA, paystubs and employer letter.

3) where do you work ?

4) what do you do for your company ?

5) what is your educational background ?

6) Do you have an end client ?

7) what is your annual salary ?



Told me my Visa was approved and should get an email in 3-5 business days. Gave me the booklet explaining my rights.




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1) Is this your first H1b ? what would be the best answer for this?

are they asking about H1B stamping? or number of times our H1B petition approved?

 in my case, my petition approved in 2012 first time & i didn't go for stamping and then applied extension in 2013. now im going for stamping. so what should i answer for that question?


thanks for your help.

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