H-1B Extension Visa Approved in Vancouver on Feb 5th, took 7 days to get the passport


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Hi-I would like to share my Visa Stamping Experience with you.


I have gone for H-1B Visa stamping on Feb 5th to Vancouver, got my Visa Approved but it took 6 days to get my Passport. As my extension is with the same company and client interviewer didn't ask me so many questions. He asked me only 2 questions


1. Are you with the same company?

2. Are you with the same client?


I answered them and he said your Visa has been approved, gave worker rights sheet and instructions paper to pick the passport. He told me it will take 5-7 business days to get the passport. 


When I checked online for the Visa status it got changed to Administrative Processing and remained on the same status for 5 days. On 5th day it got changed to Ready status then on the same day it got changed back to Administrative processing again. On 6th day the status changed to Issued. On that night I got an email from Loomis with waybill number. On 7th day I picked up my Passport, 


So don't panic if your Visa is approved and you see Administrative processing status it doesn't mean it is 221g, consulate would be following their normal processing of background check, PIMS update etc. Wait till 5-7 days if you didn't see the status change then you can check with consulate. 


I hope my experience helps. 




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