H1B approved, ottawa - Feb 10 - Status still 'Ready' in tracker, did not recieve passport


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I had my interview on Feb 10th ,2014 at 10:00AM in Ottawa. Interview went smooth, couple of questions and VO said that my visa was approved.


I checked my status via ceac tracker site, and case updated status says 'ready' on Feb 13th. Nothing changed since then. My friend who went on the same day at 9:30 AM received his passport on Feb 12th.


My status PIMS is set to 'Y' but still no clue why it is taking so long. Little nervous. Does anyone had such similar experience?

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No update yet. Status in CEAC tracking site still says 'Ready' and last status update date was 13th Feb.

i suggest you to call them and check. i saw in other thread that when one guy called them they already sent him an email asking him to pick up the visa but he said he never got any email. just to be on safer side try calling them.

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Finally got email to pick up from LOOMIS..8 business days waiting time..Thanks Guys for your feedback

thanks. i attended the interview on 19th and they stamped NO PIMS on the DS 160. and interview was very cool.

VO said i will get my passport monday-tuesday. so depending on your situation, it might take longer time for me. fingers crossed :-(

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