H1-B 7th year extension- If PERM Audit denied- possibility of 8th yr extension?


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My six year of H1-B expires on Aug 15, 2014. My PERM was filed in MAY 2013, got a notice for audit Jan 2014 and requested documents were submitted by first week of Feb 2014. I understand based on the pending audit my H1-B can be extended to one more year probably till Aug 2015. From the website , it appears it would take atleast an year to know the status of the PERM audit result. Based on this info my questions are,


1.What are the options if the PERM is denied while I am into the 7th year extension ie, in Feb 2015, Can I still stay till Aug 2015 per the H1-B extension?


2.I was told if the PERM is denied it can be APPEALED for review . Does anybody know typically how long the review process will be for the APPEALED cases? Can I get a 8th year extension if the appealed case is pending?


3. Can I switch employers in the 7th year of H1-B? or have the new employer file for the 7-th year extension based on the current employer PERM pending status?


Please share your inputs.




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