H1b extension after 6 years (change of employer)


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Hello All, 


It would be very grateful if you all can answer my question and help me make a decision. 


My 6th year of H1B visa ends on 25-Dec-15 (I can add 6 weeks to it since I was out of country for that period). My current employer (Company A) is preparing to file for PERM. Currently we got done with the job description (resulted in an EB3 category application) and right now we preparing paperwork for my wage determination. So I believe we would be ready to apply for PERM in 3-4 now counting the advertising and 30 days cooling period etc.


I am getting an offer from Company B and they are ready to transfer my current H1B as well as do my green card (This will be EB2 since I have MS degree and experience of 3.5 years with Company A). If I accept the offer from Company B I will start working in Apr-2014. But Company B will wait for 1 year before applying for PERM which mean ideally they would apply in Apr-15. I understand that this date will be too late since my H1B expires on 25-Dec-15. The manager and HR of Company B said that there is always a room to negotiate and bring in the Apr-14 date of application. 


I have a call scheduled with HR and my future manager of Company B in couple of days. My question to you is that what date should I negotiate with them for initiating PERM process? What will be a safe date to apply for my PERM so that I can get extension of my H1B after it runs out on 25-Dec-15?


Please help !!!!!!

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