can i apply EAD - L2


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My spouse has L1B Visa till March'14 about to complete 3 years by march'14.Recently we revisited to US and both  got i-94 for couple of can i apply EAD on my I-94.( With out Valid Petition of spouse).


Please suggest me.

You need to provide approval notice of spouse's L1B petition that is valid and I94 to apply for EAD.

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My spouse has Valid petition & Visa till march'14.Can i apply EAD now itself with this existing petition.

If you apply for EAD with the existing valid petition and I94 of your spouse you will get an EAD with validity till petition expiry or I94 whichever is earlier. Later, based on your spouse's L1 petition extension you can apply for EAD renewal. 

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