H1 Visa Approved on Feb 12th Vancouver and waiting for PIMS evaluation


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I want to say thanks for the forum which helped in preparing the interview


my interview exp was same as everyone.. 


Vo -how long with this emp?

me - June 2011


vo- Asked my LCA, Paystubs,W2's client letter, H1B petition letter.

me- gave all the letters


vo- who is your client ?

me- XXX


vo -Where is your client location ?



Vo: Where do you stay ?

me: XXXX


vo -  What is your annual salary ?



vo - do you get paid on time? any issues?

me - no issues.



vo-He was typing for some time and said PIMS site is down and need the evaluation, finally said that your VISA is  approved and will receive the passport in 3-5 business days.

me - I was about to leave, he called me back and gave the booklet to read.


PIMS verification should be done and waiting for the reciept.


As everyone said, be confident and get all possible documents. All the best



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