driving on permit license and U turn violation to court few years back


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hi all, between 2009-2010 i drove car with permit temporary license ( no one was in passenger seat that is not legal)  and i confused and made u-turn and had small accident. other car guy called cop and i gave insurance to him that accident case is gone. but cop gave me notice of appearing to court for driving on not valid driver license and u turn ticket. i went to court firstime and said not guilty then they gave public defender since i was student and second time court judge was convinced and case is ove he said pay some $150 fine.


After that i got driver license fully and have been driving good till now.


do you think this will be issue at visa stamping and do we need to give this as crime or something in DS-160 form? and also i dont have that fine paid recipt at court in 2009 or 2010.


Please answer me.

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