Need Expert advise : Potential Immigrant - H1B stamping probable concerns and issues


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Hello everyone

We are planning for attending Visa Interview for my Fiance either in Jamaica or Canada. Below are the case details; Any pointers/advise/inputs/feedback will be highly appreciated.


My in-laws came to USA sometime in 1999. My fiance came on dependent visa in 2000. He then joined under grad college and converted his dependant visa to F1. He's on his second term of H1B now. There are 2 green card applications under processing; one application filed from his parents[i140 cleared] and another filed on his education[Labor cleared].


He's never been to India since 1999; and now we are planning to travel to India for our wedding and we are in a serious concern of how the visa stamping interview would result, considering the status of my fiance; He will be considered as an Potential Immigrant and doubting on what the consequences would be.


Anyone who has been in these kind of situations or know anyone who has been in there; and any tips or pointers on how this need to be handled?

Any advise/pointers will be really helpful.


Thanks much!


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