when is timeperiod spent on L1B visa


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I am currently on H4 visa. I entered this country on June 2007 on L1B visa . We applied for H4 visa on April 2012 and H4 receipt date is April 26,2012 and H4 visa got approved on July 2012. I went out of USA couple of times during June 2007 to July 2012. 

Now, I found an employer who is ready to sponser H1 for me, they wanted to know how much time is left on working -visa out of my 6-year duration.

Question 1: If I am calculating the total time-frame I spent on L1, is the time persiod starts on H4 receipt date or H4 approval notice date?

Question2: Considering my situation, what is the good time to start Green Card in order to continue my stay on H1B (after I convert my visa from H4 to H1)


Please suggest.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I didn;t go of USA when I changed my visa status from L1B to H4. I have to calculate exactly how many days left on my 6 year time frame. In order to count those days which day should i conside H4 start date..either H4 receipt date or H4 approval date? should i take into account the days when  I travel out of USA on L1B visa?  I am really confused. Any help would be appreciated.

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June 2007 to July 2012 is almost 5.1 years. Only you know when you left the L1 employer. The time starts from June 2007 and ends in 2012 when you stopped working or got the H4 status. You can recapture time spent On vacation when you were in L1 status and actually working for the L1 employer here. Time in H4 status does not count for the total 6 years. Status is defined as being in the USA on that visa. Do you have a potential GC sponsor?

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