Promotion after 1-140 approval and before I-485


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I wanted to check with the experts about my situation and seek some advice.

My company has started my GC process. I got my 140 approved and waiting

for my PD to become current. The position that I have applied GC for is a Sr Systems Administrator position. I am already working at that level in the company. Internally in the company, the grade for this position is Advisor. I am being promoted to Sr.Advisor position shortly and wanted to know if there are any implications of this promotion for the Green Card process. Its just a grade level promotion internal to the company and is  transparent to the GC or H1b  process. In both GC and H1b applications, the position is Sr System administrator  (doesnt refer to the company grades at all). My job duties will remain the same with some additional responsibilties. Please advice if there are any risks associated with this promotion at this stage of green card.



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