I140 pending for 1.3 years


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Hello Friends, 


I have my I140 applied in Nov 2012 and its in "Initial Review". We have raised two Service Requests on this case but no response so far. 


Any reason why a case can be in this situation for this long ..


Can an I140 wait for below any of the below or any thing else


1. IRS Audit

2. Waiting for next year W2 to compare salaries

3. My Company bought by some one else

4. My Pay ran on the company only for 5 months After Labour got approved.



My Employer said we can extended H1 (for 1 yr) if I140 is in process state , Hence I did not do Premium. Strangely I heard that USCIS is asking for Client letter for I140.



Please advise if you have any idea .

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