Switching Job after 140 approval


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Hi All,



I need some suggestion regarding switching job after 1-140 approval . I filed my labor and 140 with my present employer and recently after approval i got an option to take a full time role with my client is this good time to move ? shall i wait for few months so to retain my priority date if not , can i file application with my new employer with the old priority date . Please guide me through possible options as we know now a days labor application itself is taking around 6-9 months for getting approval .








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Hi Belle ,

 thanks for the response ... mine is also same situation, I got a new opportunity  for the full time, my i -140 is approved with my current employer company A , i hve a full time offer with a new company B . My questions are 


1. Apart from h1b transfer what else should Company B should take of .

2. Does it need to start the process like filling of labor , n etc

3. what happens if my old employer company A revokes i140 right after themy h1 transfer  and before my new company files i140.

4. I do not have the copy of the approved i 140 , but hve the receipt no , can i port my i140 with the receipt no .

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