Driving to Canada from US


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I am planning on driving my car across the border to Canada from PA. The best route would be using 81 North via Thousand Islands to Ottawa ON. Need to clarify a few things from people who have taken this route. 


1. Do i required a US issued Carnet  to take my car across the border or is just the Geico Insurance card for Canada enough?


2. What would be the port of entry if i took the 81 north via Thousand Islands route.


3 How much time does it take at the port of entry ?


4.How easy is it to drive in Canada ? 



Thank you !!



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Hi PositiveThinking

Dont worry about anything but remember these

1) Get Gieco Insurance Cards for Canada - You are covered

2) Take some Canadian cash incase ur Debit cards wont work - usually BOA has Canadian money

3) Canadian Port of Entry is  like a EZPass toll both, may take max 5-10min to clear


P.S - when I was in Canda my car wouldnt start and I called Geico and they send emergency roadside assistance within 15min free of charge to do a Jumpstart


So yes from my experince its like a long drive to a diff country and rest all is the same like USA

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