Working for a company on L1B visa. Can I start a business in USA?


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I came to USA on L1B visa. I took transfer from a software company in India to its branch in USA.

Continuing working for this company, I would like to start my own business in USA.

1) Is it allowed to start a business while working for another company on L1B?

    I read in google that, it is allowed but I cannot work for my business. What does it mean? Can I not take profits I get in the business?




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It means that you can ONLY be a passive investor.

You can put money into a business, but otherwise have to stay out of it.

Somebody else, somebody with work authorization, would have to run the business. That person, the CEO, makes the decisions. If the company is successful, the company decides if they issue dividends to the shareholders. You can't just "take profits" whenever you like. That's not how a business works. And why do you assume that there are profits? Most businesses don't have a profit and shut down after losing all the investor money.

It is obvious that you have to learn a lot about businesses.

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