All about H1B Visa stamping in Jamaica


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Hi all,

I have posted my H1B visa experience in jamaica in my previous post. Please go through my previous post from the following link. You can also find my posts on my profile page.

I did notice that I have to write up another post to cover the remaining aspects about the H1B visa stamping in Jamaica.

Travel Plans:

It would be nice to bring at least toothPaste if not the entire travel kit (usually paste, body wash and deodrant).
Call your cell phone carrier (Ex: AT & T) to have the international roaming activated for your trip ( it might cost you around $30)
Call your credit card customer care service to activate international use in case the cash ($300) is not enough.


I also forgot to talk about the food options available which is an important part of the Jamaica trip.

If you like Indian food, there are some nice Indian restaurants in New Kingston.

Tandoor (This is the best)
Tamarind (They deliver the food directly to the hotel rooms)

Other food places

Pizza hut
Dominos Pizza
Burger King

Don't miss the following places in Kingston

So-So Seafood grill & bar (food is really yummy here)
Triple Century bar (this is Chris gayle's bar)
Usain Bolt bar


One of the most important things as most of us like to work remotely. All the hotels I have mentioned in my previous post have decent high speed internet connection. So all of you can work remotely without any issues here.

Passport Pickup Time:

Usually the answer depends on the visa officer. Some get their passport next day. some get after 2 days/3 days. Most common annswer should be 2 days.

Example: If the visa interview date in Monday then you should get it on Wednesday afternoon 2 pm in most cases. But it is alos possible to get it on Tuesady/ Thursday afternoon 2 pm as I mentioned.

Return ticket:

If you book the flight ticket through expedia you can have 24 hrs time to cancel your ticket with full refund.

I my case I noticed that the cancel time was 48 hrs instead of 24 hrs. The only reason I could think of this scenario is booking the flight ticket on weekend (Saturday/Sunday) as weekend is not a business day.

I am moving on to cover the most exciting part of the tour. Of Course site seeing because we want to enjoy our vacation as well.

Post Visa Interview Plans:

Following are the places to cover in Jamaica

As I mentioned in my previous post Call Kevin Brown (Cab Driver) to book the cab. He charged us $40 per head (We are group of 9 people) for the following places.

1.Blue mountains

Here they will show you how the coffee plants are cultivated and also tell you about the world's coffee history. Of Course they will give you some coffee. They will give you condensed milk (milk kova) which tastes really good.
Don't miss this place.

2. Strawberry Hills

Here strawberry Bilss (Champagne + strawberry mix) is very nice. it is complementary drink. A must visit place.

3. Lime Cay beach

you go to this place on a boat and you relax your vacation time here. Also there so many restaurants around this place. These places are famous for fresh seafood.

Hope You will enjoy all these places :-)

Important note: If you have plans to spend sometime playing playing cards you better get them from USA because nobody sells Playing cards here. Don't ask me why :-)

I Hope all of you will have your visas approved and will have some nice vacation time in Jamaica :-)

I will be posting the following topic in my next post.

 "Port of Entry questions while returning to USA after the sucessful H1B stamping".



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