Switching job in EAD


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I got my EAD for more than 180 days and I am planning to switch my job. I need to know what are the risks in it, since I have out-of-status situation in my previous history. My previous employer's Attorney did a clerical mistake by entering a wrong end date for my extension and I got extended only for 15 days. By the time we got the approval notice and found the discrepancy, I was already out-of-status for roughly 60 days. I was told to leave the country to get a stamping and I did the same at that time. I re-entered USA with a new Visa and I was told by my Attorney that during I-485 stage, I will not be eligible for automatic change of status. I have to go through Counselor process to get it converted.


If I quit my current employer, he might not be supporting much for the rest of my green card journey, so I need to know what are the potential risks and whether they can legally be handled without any issues. Please advise. Thanks.

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