Visa stamping got Approved in Calgary on Feb 10th EVC Model--


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Thanks all members for sharing their experience and so many other details that it help me prepare a lot.


Trip: everything was last minute because i was nervous and everything was at stake, dint tell my family that i am going to canada, my car/room/clothes/job could have been in jeopardy if i was denied a visa in canada..but i had to take this risk considering i have lot of other things at stake (my marriage)


As someone posted, I booked Marriott downtown in Calgary and came on Saturday, gave sunday as reserve day to be safe.. Monday was appointment at 8AM.. Hotel is 5 minutes walking from consulate.. a very good place.. food/wifi/safety and tourist spot..


tip - book for saturday/sunday it will be 120$/day and monday ask them to increase your checkout till 2.. once visa interview is done.. move to someother place.. i would highly recommend finding a place in city center/calgary downtown as you stay close to loomis/consulate always..


My case - may be a lot of you can relate to it-


Came to Us in 2008, did MS in Accounting from Boston, graduated in 2010, worked for nonprofit for few months as intern in OPT..yes i worked for free during my opt for free because i was not getting offer due to bad economy..i dint file any taxes in 2011.. finally i got picked up by a consulting firm in dec 2011. Working with consulting firm since 2011-present, only 2 clients changed so far.. worked client 1 for 1.5 years and other one 8months-present. 


I did not leave us since 2008 and canada stamping was my first h1 stamping and first visit outside us in last 5 years. My first h1 was 1 year, 2 was renewal for 1 year and 3 renewal is for 2 years! 


Be advised, I came to us in 2006 for tourist visa and went back within 3 weeks, then back on F1 in 2008.. Then converted to H1B.. I am single with no dependents etc :)


1 mistake - i was rejected a toursit visa way back in 2003 and VO caught me on that but i apologized and said it was decade ago and thats why i did not mention.. vo said even if you get 10000 visas after your rejection.. always disclose the information..


Working in EVC model, working with same employer since 2011.. not a big employer.. everything is fine.. all salary on time, 401k, med/dental insurance..  never on bench..


docs's I took - school i20's, 2year paystub, 401k details, client letter, emp verification, copy of h1b petition..lca, bank statements of last 4 months, my w2, my tax docs, company tax, company qtryl wages..old passport, old 797c, badge i use to enter client location..


i was dead nervous as this was my first stamping.. with my entire family scaring me by saying we know lot of people who got rejected.. and because of that i had to leave quietly.. 


my interview exp was same as others.. reached at 7:20.. gate opens at 7:30, security check followed by trip up to consulate and waiting for token to flash..


Vo - how long with this emp?

me - dec 2011,


vo- did you ever get visa rejected? (i mentioned this above)

me- yes 2003, 

vo- ds160 doesnt say that.. why?

me- sorry i may have missed it because it was in 2003

vo - always disclose all information as it will help you in case of query.


vo - highest education?

me - Ms in accounting..



me - XX uni from boston

vo - ok


vo - now do you work for a client?

me - yes - client ABC


vo - What you work for client abc? that must be amazing :)

me - changed mood altogether - hell yeah - it is amazing and i am living the dream


vo - what do you do?

me - told my roles/resp


vo - do you get paid on time? any issues? read the booklet?

me - no issues at all.. and read the booklet.


vo - alright, visa approved, collect in 3-5 days


me thanks-


Under 5 minutes I was done..


it depends on your case honestly.. i was confused because i dint leave us since 2008, had a non technical degree.. working in technical field.. got family here who are citizens.. sis filed for my greencard and so did my employer.. my parents visit here every 14 months...


all i can say.. all the best to you all.. 


- plan accordingly.. it can be very expense if you dont plan..

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