I 140 starting now; Either Perm or I-140 copy will not be provided


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Hello Friends,


My background: 

I am from India and working for US client thru US consultancy company as contractor. My I-140 is going to apply soon. For I 140, i am paying the USCIS fees and lawyer fees and for premium processing if i do. My lawyer said they are not going to give either PERM copy or I-140 copy because they have agreement with my company to not to give to candidate. But she said that she can give I-140 application number(some thing like that), so that i can track it in internet.


1. I have a client offer letter but decided to stay with consultancy company because the Client is very big company and their procedure is very very long and delayed and HR also not sure when they start the GC procedure also. But they will pay the money for total GC procedure. But here i may lost 2 years for priority date.

2. my consultancy started immediately and procedure is also fast as they can. but i need to pay the money for GC except PERM.


My question:

1. After applying for I-140, if i want to join with Client company, then can i have the same priority date ? eventhough if i dont have the PERM and I-140 copies? Assume that i have I-140 application number only?

2. Because i need to pay 3000 - 3500USD for I-140 (including premium processing fee now.

3. So, i need to decide whether this amount is worthable  or not? such that after I 140 approves, i can join US company with same priority date.

Thank you very much for your valuable time for reading my query and also guiding me. 

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