Visa Approved in Calgary 10th Feb - No update on Passport!


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I will put another post on details of my case. No issue


I had a quick 5 min interview and no docs were asked, VO said Visa Approved and said it takes 3-5 days..


I was going by the forum and learnt that it is generally quicker.


Currently the Ceac website says under admin processing. I am concerned that it is 24 hours with no update!



I recall there were few other desi folks with me for interview, I guess there number was 001-005 .. did you guys get your passport?


Please update!

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I had attended the interview on Feb 11th morning on montreal and Feb 13th morning shows adminstrative processing. During interview it was mentioned the Visa was approved and i will be receiving in 5 days.


Can some one let me know. This delay is a normal one, and what is the maximum time usually the consulate takes? to update the status in the CAEC Visa tracker site.

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