H1B Visa Approved on 6th Feb in Vancouver - no update on Passport from loomis


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My H1B visa approved on 6th Feb on Thursday in Vancouver. Still no update from Loomis about passport pick up.

Monday was holiday in Canada but not for US emabassy or federal Canada.


so.. today is 4th day and i dont see any update. I am planning to fly india on thursday. My travel in jeopardy now. :(


Is anyone facing same issue in Vancouver?



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I attended my interview in Montreal, Canada in Feb 11th. The status has been updated on CEAC site as administrative processing on Feb 13th.


As for the interview, it went well with the Visa Officer saying your Visa is approved and you will get your passport within 5 days. No slips was issued during the interview and the interview was a smooth one with less questions and lasting less than 5 minutes. 


Can you share your inputs and suggestions .




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Sorry folks for replying late as I was in rush at that time.

Yes, I got my passport at last moment and flew India from US very next day. :)


So, my interview was on Thursday. Monday was Canada Holiday. I got email for processing status from Loomis on Tuesday night 1.30 a.m (Early wednesday).

As everyone posted, do not wait and go directly to Loomis. I did same. I picked my passport and rushed to Airport at 10.00. Took next flight to US at 1.40 p.m. Everything was in Plan.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. This really helps to understand the process and making plans in the situations like mine.

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