Anyone planning for H1B Stamping in Tijuana during March,14


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Hello All,


I have been to Tijuana in 2008 and to Vancouver in 2012 for my H1B stamping.


I am planning to go to IND in 2nd week of may. So I would like to check how is the H1 B stamping situation in TIjuana and any one planning to go in March 2014 time frame( I am preferring Tijuana this time as getting dates in Vancouver is tough and also takes time to get Canada Visa).


Any help is appreciated!!!

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Yes..They say if US visa is expired then you need to have Mexican visiting visa. I have my US visa till Apr, just to be on safer side I am planning to get Mexican visa. I am in California, we have Mexican consulate in San Jose.


My Extension got approved a week back only, so I am planning for late in March for my employer to prepare all the documentation etc.


Let me know when r u exactly planning to go, we can plan together.

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