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Hi All,


I have filed my Green Card (PERM) 2 months ago and now my client offered me full time and client willing to file my green card after 1 year. I said to my client that I can accept the offer when I clear my I140 stage with my current employer. But I have a question "Is there any wait time to change my employer and port same date into EB2 category after completing I140 stage with my current employer. If so what will be the wait time ? "
I mean "After how many months can I change the employer and port the same date in EB2 category after completing I140 stage"


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There is no wait time as such, but if your client (new employer) is ready to file your new PERM only after 1 year. Then keep it mind that by the time the New PERM is approved it would be close to 2 years from your joining date. 


I think you can still retain the PD even if your current employer cancels the I-140 petition. Experts is that right??

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Hi oct2012perm,


What is that 2 years from your joining date at new employer. Can you please explain that clause?




Hi Rajee,


There is not clause as such. Its just an approximation based on the current PERM approval rates. The entire process of getting the PWD's, PERM and I140 approved is taking close to an year now and hence I mentioned it might take close to 2 years from the date of joining the employer(considering they would start the process only afer 1 year of working with them) to get to the I140 state.

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