VISA Approved 02-10-2014 @Jamaica


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Thanks to Murthy forum for all the help we got....


My  Interview was at 9AM


Interview Questios:


I am working on EVC Model..Did my masters in US


VO : Good Morning how r u

Me : GM officer


VO: Are you here for Vacation

Me : Yes


VO: How long are you staying here ?

Me : 1 Week


VO: In Which hotel are you staying ?

Me : XXX


VO: Since how long have been working in US



VO: To Whom you are working for

Me:  Told my Employer name


VO: Did you go to school in US

Me : Yes


VO: Which University ?

Me : XXX


VO: Where is it ?

Me : XXX


And finally she said to come and pick my passport on Wednesday 2PM


I was not asked for any documents...


We were four people went together for consulate,,and all of our visa's were approved..And couple of them were asked to most recent W2 and Pay-stub's and no other documents were asked. 


There were around 20-25 Indians who attended the interview on Monday and until i was there at consulate i haven't seen any 221g or rejection cases.


Port of Entry:

In the flight which i came there were around 15 Indians who came for stamping, and for some them the immigration officials took the interview for 10-15 minutes. So be sure to carry return ticket, DS-160 confirmation, Appointment confirmation, 1797, Hotel booking confirmation (if available)  and be confident.






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Congrats. What is the duration given at POE for Jamaican visa? Is it 10days or 30days?


Some other post here mentioned that it was changed from 30 to 10.

I had my port of entry on 02-08-2014, And i got it for 30 days.


I too heard about that change, but don't know exactly when would that start

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