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Sorry if this is a repost. I couldn't find all information at one place and so posting my questions here. 


Question regarding moving jobs while on (2nd) H1B and approved PERM but priority date is not current. 
My PERM is approved with my priority date as 08/29/12. I am on my 2nd H1B. I need some advice on the below questions:
1. Can I move to a profile that is different from my current position and still hold the same Priority Date and PERM? If so, what is needed to be done?
2. (may be a redundant question) If I move to a different profile, what are the consequences I will be facing with my status (H1B, PERM etc.)?
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1. That PERM is not material to you any longer. The I-140 approval is ,material as you retain your PD for a subsequent filing by any employer in any field in any EB Classification. The retention of PD means a new PERM by the new company and a new I-140 and you retain the Previous PD at the time of the next I-140 approval.

2. See 1. The only requirement for H1 extensions in any field in which you qualify is that you have an approved I-140 before H1 extension.

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