Canada Visa Application Process.


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For people who want to go get stamped in Canada, FIRST

1. Fill the DS-160:

2. Book an appointment in US Consulate General in Vancouver:

Every Us Consulate General in Canada has a different website. Try finding the one of your choice. 


While booking the appointment, there is an option to book an appointment as a Person From United States or Person From Canada. 

Try to book it as a Person from Canada. This is no way related to your Status or citizenship in Canada. This is because of the availability of Dates. 

Even if you book as a Person from Canada, TODAY, you may get a date which is as far as TWO Months. Otherwise the wait is for months. Appointment costs around $150. 


Once you do this then go and apply for Canada VISITOR visa. Because, Canadian Visa will take around a month to get into our hand and waiting until to book an appointment then is just a waste of time. Apply Canada Visa Online, NOT on paper. Online application is simple and processing is Fast.


Applying for Canadian Visitor visa Online is little confusing at times.

1. Go to Citizenship and Immigration Canada site : . Click on 'APPLY ONLINE' . Answer the Questions 

     Your are Applying for : Visitor Visa

     You have used our Online Questionnaire to find out you are eligible to apply: NO


2. This will ask your to verify your eligibility to apply. Click  START. Click START MY APPLICATION.

3. Answer all the Questions in the application. At the end, if you meet the eligibility, it will generate a code something like this QK4350881372 . This is Personal Checklist Code. Save it.


4. Come back to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Click on 'APPLY ONLINE'. Answer the Questions 

         Your are Applying for : Visitor Visa

          You have used our Online Questionnaire to find out you are eligible to apply: YES

          You have a code that looks like this QK4350881372 : YES


5. Now we need to create a MyCIC account. Click START. Through this only all Canadian Visa Communication happens. Click GCKey LogIn and Register.

6. Once you log in , Look for 'WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO TODAY? '. Click on 'VISITOR VISA, STUDY AND / OR WORK PERMIT'.. ENTER the Personal Checklist Code. if NOT then click on 'Determine Eligibility and Apply Online'.


7. Documents you need to Upload are : IMM5257B_1 ;  IMM5257E; IMM5484E ;IMM5645E ;3-6 Mon Bank Statements with atleast $5k Balance.  Company Letter; Proof Of Income or Pay Stubs for 3 -6 mon ; Passport and Visa. 

An Itinerary is required. Mostly the Trip is still tentative, so upload a screen shot of possible Round trip from any site like Orbitz , Kayak or so. A Digital Photo need to uploaded with specific measurements 35 mm x 45 mm and should be less than 240KB.

All documents need to filled, validated. After validation, take print out of each document, sign it manually, scan it and upload as a one set of documents. IMM5257E is most important.


Pay the amount which is around $150 since you are applying for MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA. 


8. Once you are sure of all the documents, 'SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION' You will get an email in your MyCIC account with confirmation. Keep checking your account every now and then and if all goes well with in 15 days you will get 'VISA APPROVAL ' notice. 

9. Send your passport to the Canadian Consulate either in LA or New York along with your Approval Notice. The address can be found as a website link in the notice. While sending it, you need to put the Return shipment details also. Consulate wont send you Passport by itself. Ask any Teller in USPS and they'll help you with that.

10. All goes well, Your Passport with Canada Visa will be back in 15 days. 


I submitted my application on Nov 13, got approval by Nov 26 and  Passport by Dec 12. 

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Just one more note to add ... even if people apply by paper application it is faster as well ... in short wait period is all depends on number of application particular consulate (LA/NY) handling at a time when you apply. i did apply by mail to NY consulate and i got in one week my visa for multiple entry. I sent mail express overnight on 28th January and i got my passport back on Feb 5th.

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