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Hi All,


This may be a lame question, but I just wanted to know if below mentioned situation is normal or not.


I had successfully scheduled for H4 interview on 7th May 2014 at Chennai consulate but after few days I received an email with subject line "Chennai Post Closed for Public on 7th May" stating that consulate is closed on the date I have scheduled for interview, the reason is not mentioned in the email. The email further mentioned to reschedule my interview through UsTravelsDocs website.


After receiving this email I rescheduled my interview to 28th Feb 2014, but again after few days I have received same email stating that "Chennai Post Closed for Public on 28th Feb" and same thing mentioned in the email to reschedule my interview again.


I know that I can reschedule the interview but my question is, situations like these are common occurrences and was anyone in similar situation before or is it completely abnormal.


PS: I called VFS customer services but they didn't provide any reason for these emails.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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