Applying for I-140, Job Change


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Hello everybody,


Please guide me.


My status:

Right now, i am working for US company thru consultancy company as a contractor. 

PERM applied in last year and this year iam going to apply for I-140. Right now, i am in 3rd year of my H1.

My questions:

1. After I-140 approves, i want to join the US company as a direct employee. so, can i join immediately after approved I-140? so that i can use the same current priority date. ( I know that i need to start GC process from scratch with new employer also)

2. Is there any waiting period like ...6 months... do i need to stay after I-140 approves?

3. What is the normal processing time for I-140?  Is there any advantage of premium processing for my case? 

4. If i change the job after I-140 approved, what are the things i should take care? to make sure my PD will be same.



Thank you very much.

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