Port of Entry question(reaffirmed case)


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Hi all,


I need some one's guidance. Here is the situation:

Model : EC.


I got H1b Visa in end of Jan,2014, after my case got reaffirmed. Initially US embassy sent case back to USCIS and finally in Jan ,2014 (After 2 yrs) I got Visa stamping done. I spend almost 2 yrs in India with same employer and same client. I was working remotely during these 2 yrs period.


As my reaffirmed petition is expiring in May ,2014, I was issued visa upto May ,2014. , so basically I got visa on Jan ,2014 to May ,2014. Obviously my employer will file H1b extension , once I will be in USA.


I am planning to enter in USA in first week of March,2014, so basically 2 months before my h1b visa expring.

Will there any issue at Port of Entry which entering in USA? Do I need to take care of any specific thing?


Please let me know.


Thank You.




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I suggest you to try to enter the US as soon as possible not waiting until March. It is preferable that you have atleast 3 months of valid visa after entering. They might ask you about your employment in India and what you have been doing these 2 years. If working in India, how are you paid, how is work allocated, etc.,

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