New LCA salary effected from LCA begin date or h1 extension start date


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Hi , I am working with same from last 5 years. My current h1 is valid till 02/13/2014. On 11/01/213 , my employer moved some of their employee into new subsidiary (successor-in-interest ) and send new offer letter with new subsidiary name. On 11/10/2013, they filled new LCA ( increased wage rate) with new subsidiary name , after LCA approval, they filed my H1 extension with new subsidiary name.i got h1 extension approval from date 02/14/2014 to 2016 ( 2.9 years).As per new LCA , begin date is 11/10/2013.So question is when increased wage rate should be effected . From new LCA begin date or H1 extension start date?

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