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I graduated form a US university in 2012 in Mechanical Engineering. Found a full time job in IT field right after gradaution. My company filed H1B for this position and i got RFE for education evaluation. After showing proof that I took computer courses (by providing three Letter Of Recommendation from 3 different professors) and had job experience form my previous job at university, my H1B petition was approved. 

I want to go back to my country for a vacation but I am quite worried that my visa might get rejected for the very same reason of my work being not directly related to the field of my study. I want to go to Canada for stamping but kind of skeptic about it. Did anybody face similar issues? If yes, what happened, please let me know. 



Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ranjan,


If what you said is true, then 80% of the IT professionals working in the US on H1B (especially those with a US Masters) must return to their home countries because they DO NOT possess a degree in Computer Science. I know people with Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Mechanical amd even Pharmacy degrees who got H1 approvals and their visa stamped. That said, it is a matter of pure luck at the Consulate, again.

I suggest that you consult an attorney before taking any step forward.

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