Tracking wait time for GC, EAD - based on PERM date.

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 I am trying to cacluate wait time for my GC tracking, here is my information:


1. Applied PERM on July 2013 via EB2 (indian citizen).


2. How long will it take (based on my PERM applied date (july 2013))

       a.) To get Employment Authorization Document(EAD) - so that i can be eligible to work for any employer? 

       b.) To get G.C?


3. Any ways to expedite the process like going for premium processing?


Any inputs from expert users - pontevecchio, JoeF and others will be highly helpful, thanks in advance.

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The latest visa bulletin says 9 years. The dates come and go based on allocation supply and demand. Realistically you are looking at a few years at least before your dates get current and you can apply for the EAD. PP for the I-140 is available;le under limited circumstances and you still have to wait for the PD to be current. Of course you can retain the PD of an approved I-140 and also get H1 extensions beyond the 6 years. The whole situation may change and based on the next set of elections there may or may not be reform.

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In a word ... years.


Your priority date is July 2013.based on the PERM labor certification application filing.  In the most recent monthly Department of State Visa Bulletin the current cut off date for the EB2 preference category for India country of chargeability is November 15, 2004.  Further, the cut off date for EB2 India is currently 'frozen' and predicting no forward movement for at least a few months.  Again, it will be many years before your priority date is current and you can file an I-485 adjustment of status application along with an I-765 application for employment authorization.


There is no way to expidte the process.

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