Successful H1B Stamping-PIMS Update-Feb 6th_Ottawa Canada


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Hi Guys,


First of all I would like to thanks Murthy forum and its contributors for helping me in preparation of H1B stamping.


I had my interview on 6th Feb at 9.30 AM. I reached there at 9.00 AM, had security check first and then there was a lady who checked my DS 160 confirmation and passport and directed me to one counter. There was a guy at the counter who asked me my status in Canada and took my passport and DS 160 confirmation and handed over me one token no. After sometime my no. was called and my finger prints were taken and my passport and DS 160 confirmation were given back to me and she said my no. will be called in some time.


After around 20 mints my number was called and following are the questions were asked:


VO: Good Morning, how are you?

Me: I am good, how about you?


VO: How long  have you been working in US?

Me: XX years


VO: Who is your employer?

Me: XX


VO: Where is it located?

Me: XX city YY state


VO: What do they do?

Me: Answered in one live


VO: So have you have been working in same field?(he determined my field as per my company descrption)

Me: Yes sir


VO: How long have you been in US?

Me: XX years


VO: What did you do before this job?>

Me: Masters


VO: From where?

Me: XX University


VO: Where do you stay?

Me: XX city


VO: Is the weather in your home country same as your place?

Me: No sir


And couple of casual questions related to weather and all :)


Then the golden words came I am approving your but we haven't received your petition info from homeland security so it will 1-2 days to get approved.


I asked so should I consider it as approved and there would not be any issues? He answered, well may be or may be not as we have to verify your info with petition and handed me white paper to check status and kept my passport.


As per my search on forums I got to know I should not have any problem and it is approved but will take little time to get passport. I am hoping the same :)


Interview was very cool and short. It lasted less than a mint. Interviewer was a very cool guy and you might have figured that out by his questions related to weather :)


One of my frds was interviewed by the same guy and almost same kinda questions were asked and he was said the same thing that it is tentatively approved as there PIMS is not updated and they have to verify with our petition.


Best of luck guys who are appearing for interviews. Don't worry guys dress up nicely, be confident, smile and everything will be fine.






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