H4 visa stamping after primary's project changed


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I am on H4 visa staying in the US. My husband is working here on H1B visa. We are Indian citizens.

At the time of last extension of our stay while within US, my husband was working on project 'A' at a client location in New York. The documents submitted to USCIS at that time contained details of that client/project/location/LCA etc. 

Now we have moved to another state. My husband is with the same employer but now working on project 'B' of a different client than before. 

I want to go to India to visit our family. My husband will remain in US. I want to come back in a couple months. I will need a new H4 visa stamp before returning to US. 


I had heard that if any circumstances have changed from the time extension while in US was approved and when we go back to home country for visa stamping, then the US consulate may not approve the visa immediately. They may send the case in administrative processing or send it back to USCIS for re-consideration. So they give 221g to submit the documents and put the case in pending status until USCIS comes back with a renewed decision.


Is that true? What are the chances of me getting visa stamp without such delay?


Another question is that, do I need to take my husband's client letter also for the visa interview?


Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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