H1 B visa stamping hyderabad document check list - full time employee


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Hello ,


I am working on my document for my visa interview in Hyderabad next week. following is my check list , could any one please tell me if I am missing some thing:



 *  DS 160 confirmation

 *  DS 160 application form.

 *  Appointment confirmation letter

 *  Visa payment slip and payment confirmation receipt.

 *  Photographs

 *  Original passports  ( previously expired passport)

 *  Original I-797

 *  Copy of H1 petition

 *  Copy of LCA

 *  Original Social security card.

 *  Drivers Licence 

 *  Insurance card stating the name of employer.

 *  Employment verification letter on the letter head.

 *  Pay stubs till date

 *  W2 for all the years worked in USA

 *  Bank Statements

 *  Resume

 *  All educational document from 10th standard to  Masters.

 *   All previous job offer letters and experience letters

 *  All I-20s and EAD cards when on OPT.



Any thing else needed ???







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Hello pinuk, I am planning to attend interview on next week in Hyderabad consulate and i am working as Full time employee.


Please share document check list which you carried and interview experience ( questions ). It helps to prepare a lot. 


Thanks in advance,


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