Incorrect state on W2 - Visa stamping


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Hi all,


I have my visa interview scheduled in two weeks at Vancouver. But, I have a problem with my W2. I lived and worked in XX state for entire 2013. But when my company's payroll system was changed from ADP to Paylocity in middle of 2013, they have transported all my payroll information into the new system with YY as the state (employer is in YY). They however corrected the problem later but now my 2013 W2 shows two states and major part of the income as taxable by YY state and minor part of it taxable by XX state. (XX has no state tax)


In reality, I should have my W2 with only XX as the state where I truly lived and have all my documents (LCA, client letter etc) with XX as the state. My HR reported this to the payroll company and they are working to get me a corrected W2. However, all my paystubs for 2013 have the correct state as XX.


But, if I do not get the corrected W2 before my visa interview, will this cause a problem as state on W2  conflicts with LCA and client letter? If the VO asks regarding this, what should I explain? I am concerned that this will have a negative impact. 


Please advise. Any suggestions or inputs will be helpful.



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My guess is even if you explain this to VO, it will raise many doubts. Better to have corrected W2 before you go.

My employer is working to get the W2 corrected. But as I mentioned, what would my options be if I cannot get the W2 before I attend the visa interview? What proofs/documentation can I provide to prove that this is a mistake and that IRS would send me a corrected W2?

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