H1 extension beyond 6th year, tricky situation...


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Hello Attorneys


I need your advice for below situation.

I am on H1-B. Came to USA in October 2007. My employer(X) applied PERM process on June 2012 and labor got denied in April 2013. My employer re-opened the case and it went to BALCA. I decided to transfer my H1 to a different company(Y) based labor pending from X employer in July 2013. The new employer Y applied H1 transfer for 1 year based on pending labor from X employer and 4 months time left from 6 years H1 duration. USCIS approved only a year H1 visa for new employer Y till July 2014. I joined Y. Y has also applied a new fresh labor in Nov 2013 and currently in process status. Mean while X employer has withdrawn the labor. I am not sure if approved 1 year H1 transfer is based on pending labor and still 4 months from H1 6 years can be claimed?


Can I now again apply for H1 extension for 4 months left from 6 year H1 quota with current employer Y?


Thanks you so much.


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