Can I change jobs to a different field after I-140 approval but before 3 year H1B extension


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Have the following situation and a question on the same - will appreciate your insights and experience with it:


I have about a year left on my H1B and I am waiting for my I-140 approval to come through. I am currently in a technology consulting role for the professional services team at my company. I am looking to transition to a Product Manager role in a tech firm. With this, I am looking to achieve two things: 


1) transition successfully to the product manager role 

2) transition/change from EB3 to EB2 (have multiple advanced degrees and years of experience and do feel the new product manager would require these as minimum qualifications) 


Can I switch to a Product Manager role (sort of differrent role but not completely different with respect to my current role) after I-140 approval ? or do I need to wait for my 3 year H1B extension to come through and then I should look to make the same switch? Ideally, I would like to retain my existing priority date for my new green card application at the new prospective employer.


The confusion I have is when I begin to switch jobs based on an approved I-140 (and not a 3 year extended H1B) does the new job need to be similar to the job description that was used for my current EB3 application?


Thanks very much.  



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