First H1B Approved Vancouver Feb5th,2014


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I would like to share my H1b Interview Experience in Vancouver.


below are the questions asked.


1.Since when are you working for this company?

2.why did you come to Canada for stamping? do you have plans to go outside?

3.what does your company do?

4.Are you working for the client?

5.Can you Explain me about your project?

6.what do you do for your company?

7.Is your spouse working for the same company?

8.where do you live?

9.How far is your company?

10.Show me your paystubs, LCA, Employee letter , Offer Letter?

11.Can you give me complete folder? I want to have a look on all your documents?

(He Checked every documents in my folder)

12.Where did you do your degree?

13.What is your degree?


Finally He said your visa is approved.


Note: Make sure you come before only 15 minutes of your visa interview appointment time. Don't come too early. They are not allowing inside.






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