Company closing the entire department (Already received GC 4 months back)


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Hello Gurus,
I received my Green Card (Employment Based) just 4 months back. My company is closing the entire department in about 3 months that I'm part of since the contract with our Client is coming up and the Client will not renew the contract.
We have been given only a tentative last date. However, I'll consider that as the last date. Also, our company might not assign our team to other departments within.

My questions as such are:
1) Since I just recently got my Green Card (4 months back), should I wait until the last day and let my Company let me go?


2) Can I leave on my own by giving them my resignation letter? In this case, will there by any issue in my Green Card/Citizenship since I just got my Green Card (4 moths back)?

NOTE: My boss has only notified about the Department Closure "Verbally". We have not received any written email regarding this. As such I won't have anything "as proof" that I left the company due to department closure.


3) If I join other company on a lower salary than what my PERM was earlier filed for, will this create any issue?


4) What other options can I explore?

I can certainly start applying and might as well get another job before my last date but I'm not sure the effect of this on my Citizenship later on.

Kindly request your expertise in this matter.



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It is all probably just your 'luck' when you apply for citizenship. A friend of mine changed his job very soon after he got his GC (in less than 6 months). This was about 5 years ago. He just got his citizenship. I don't remember him mentioning any issues during the interview process. Perhaps they asked and he was able to justify, I am not sure. I just know he didn't have any major problem.



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I said probably 'luck' is involved if you leave on your own accord very soon after you get your GC. The poster was asking about such a preemptive move before his employer had a chance to terminate his employment. Obviously if his employer terminates him then I suppose there is no issue. 


On the whole, my comment was for general cases where people would like to change jobs right after they get their GCs.

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Thanks You all for your valuable suggestions. I believe that the best option for me would be either:

1) To stay until the last minute and let my company let me go OR

2) In case I get any written email/notice that the department will shut down in 2-3 months, then I guess I can leave on my own and use that as leverage during Citizenship.


I feel that #1 is the best option since I might get severance package (at least a month's salary).

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