Question about possible -140 Revoke and impact on H-1B Visa work status


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Hello Everyone

I have a question about the possible I-140 Revoke and the impact on my H-1B Visa work status.

My H-1B Visa will complete its 6 years duration in March 2014. My I-140 application is already approved in October 2013. So now, my H-1B Visa can be extended for another 3 years (beyond the 6 years limit) and thus now my H-1B Visa is now extended till March 2017.

I am currently looking for a job change and it’s crucial for me to get an Employer who not only sponsors my H-1B Visa but also resumes my GC process. As my I-140 is already approved (in October 2013), I should be able to retain my priority date when my next Employer resumes with my GC process.

But there could be few hiccups and I wanted to ask about those scenarios.

1. For switching my Employer, will I need the original copy of my I-140 approval document or just a soft copy of I-797C form for I-140 approval will do ?
2. Assuming my next Employer will sponsor my H-1B Visa (now valid until March 2017) and PERM (GC) process, if I join the next Employer, say in April 2014, and my current Employer, for some reasons, decided to revoke my I-140 application, then what will be the impact on my work status ?
3. For the above scenario, I think I will lose my priority date if that happens. And suppose, my I-140 is revoked, how does it impact my H-1B Visa work status which was initially extended for the additional 3 years after my 6 year limit, based on my I-140 approval. But as now, my I-140 itself is revoked, what will happen to my additional 3 years extension which is already done ? Please share your views.
4. Is the revoking of H-1B Visa a common scenario which Employers do when the respective Employee switches to another Employer ?
5. I have also heard something like, I should wait for 6 months to complete from my I-140 approval date and then it should be safe to switch Employer. That will ensure that I my current Employer cannot revoke my I-140 application and my next Employer can easily resume with my GC process ? Is that true or just an assumption 
6. If the above statement is not true, then please let me know if there is a safe period after which In can switch to another Employer with no impact on my H-1B Visa work status and my GC process

Please guide me tips on what should be a safe and legal way and time for me to switch my Employer and what things I need to take care of.

Thanks in advance for your help

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